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2016 Florida All-State Choirs seats available

Dear FVA members-

The 2016 Florida All-State Choirs have been seated and you can now access this information via MPA Online. Here’s where to find it:

  1. Login to MPA Online (same system you used to register for All-State)
  2. Click on “All-State Auditions” under “Event Name”
  3. Click on “Score Report for Composite Scores”
  4. Select the choir you wish to look at from the dropdown menu. HS Directors- Please note that students who DNA’ed or did not pass the first two portions of the audition will show in the HS Mixed Choir.
  5. Students who have been accepted show with a green “Yes” in the far right column. Students who have not been accepted have their names struck through and a red “No.” “Ineligible” means that the student did not pass the Musicianship or Sight-Reading portions of the audition.

Please remember that the Board reinstated the possibility of a student not being recommended for lack of technical preparation in the Vocal Quality audition. If your student did not have two out of three judges recommend them, they were not seated in an All-State Choir. The number of judges who said the student was technically prepared can be viewed on the “Score Report for Composite Scores” page as well.

If your accepted student cannot participate, please notify Jason Locker, All-State Chair at allstate@fva.net. We do not anticipate adding any students to the choirs at this time. All the choirs have been seated on the larger side to accommodate for the attrition that always occurs.

A special thank you to the District Chairs who have put in untold hours working on the All-State audition process! We also greatly appreciate the hard work of the Vocal Quality adjudication committees for their time and diligence in meeting the judging deadline so the seats could come out today. Thank you also to Jason Locker- All-State Chair, Rebecca Hammac– MS Chair, Jeannine Stemmer- MS Chair-elect, and Judy Arthur- Vice President for all of their hard work and effort in the 2015-2016 All-State audition cycle.

We are one step closer to another great FMEA Clinic-Conference in Tampa! Please make sure you are taking care of your hotel room cancellation issues (or finding rooms as they start to open). Don’t forget to pre-register yourself and your students for the conference- it’s a real money saver!

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me directly at carlton@fva.net. Have a great week! Thank you for all you do for your students!

ACDA Membership

Many FVA members are also members of the American Choral Directors Association… for good reason! See below for a message from our current Florida ACDA President:

Greetings Colleagues in the FVA,
I wanted to invite all of our colleagues within FVA to examine the many benefits of joining the American Choral Director’s Association. I am Andrew Larson, the current Florida Chapter president. I invite you to join ACDA and to attend our Fall Conference on November 6-7, 2015 at Seminole State College. I invite you to continue to participate rigorously with your FVA District, but to also expand your professional activities to include the State, Divisional, and National perspective of the choral profession. ACDA is the largest organization of its kind in the world. The Choral Journal, the repertoire forums, the many online benefits, the networking, the help with teaching strategies, the amazing conferences–I could go on all day about the benefits. Just have a look and be in touch with Mr. Evan Powers (flacda.org) if you are interested in joining ACDA or in receiving some of the financial incentives of joining for the first time this year. Our website also has information about the choirs you will hear at our fall conference alongside reading sessions and workshops. There is a High School Honor Choir performing the Mozart Coronation Mass with Dr. Dan Bara and a professional orchestra, and a grade 6-9 male honor choir performing with Dr. Patrick Freer–all info at flacda.org. I hope you are having a great year in teaching and in choral music, and I hope you can balance that with the administrative duties you have. You have great meaning in the lives of your students.


Andrew Larson

All-State Vocal Audition Announced Excerpts

The announced excerpts for the 2015-2016 All-State Vocal Auditions have been released! The measures to be tested, along with “Music Minus One” tracks for all excerpts, may be found in the Vocal Audition page of the All-State tab, or by simply clicking below!

High School Concert Choir “Opt Out” Guidelines

Due to multiple requests, the decision has been made to allow directors to move students out of the Concert Chorus audition pool into the Men’s or Women’s audition pool prior to Vocal Quality auditions. The intent is to allow students who might be on the lower edge of the Concert Choir audition pool to prepare for the choir that they will be more likely to participate in at the January conference. They will “opt out” of Concert Chorus (much like we allow students to “opt out” of Reading Chorus consideration). Full details are in the document below.

Important All State student eligibility information

FMEA has instituted some clarifications for student eligibility for All-State, particularly students that are home schooled. Please read the information below and find attached a form that must be submitted for the effected students. Please submit this form with your All-State registration materials to your District Chair. Thanks!

Any secondary student participating in the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) All State performing ensemble must be enrolled/registered at a public school, a private school, a public charter school, a home education music cooperative, or a virtual school. In addition, the student must be a regularly participating member in the appropriate middle school or high school performing ensemble (band, chorus, orchestra, guitar) from that school, and sponsored by the Active FMEA/Component member teacher from that school.  A home-education student must either be a regularly participating member in an ensemble listed above or enrolled/registered at a home education music cooperative. In addition, the student must be a regular participating member of an ensemble equivalent to the above in the music cooperative. Home education students, must be sponsored by their Active FMEA/Component member teacher from that home education music cooperative.

(Home Education Students must fill out and turn in the Home Education Registration Form below as part of their All-State Application.)