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FVA Composition Contest

Brian Brown, Harrison School for the Arts, 2016 Winner

Brian Brown, Harrison School for the Arts, 2016 Winner

Attention Choral Students!

Are you an aspiring composer?  Would you love to hear your music performed by a Florida All-State Chorus?  If so, check out the FVA Choral Composition Contest!

The deadline for entries is September 15, so the summer months are the perfect time to work on your submission!  For more information, visit the FVA Choral Composition Contest Page, or contact Kevin Albright, FVA Music Committee Chair.

Spring Director Meetings

image of gavelDo you know when your district spring meeting is scheduled? See our calendar to find out! If details are missing, see your district web page or contact your district chair directly.

2016 State Concert MPA Instructions

See below for time blocks and general instructions for State. Instructions apply to all three sites: North, Central, and South.

Time Blocks for State MPA 2016
South State Message for Directors

Directors attending South State Concert MPA should read this letter from American Heritage School.

General instructions for FVA Concert State 2016
  • Bring 4 copies of the music with measures numbered
  • Organize your music before you register, this will help expedite things
  • Chaperone list 1 for every 10 students not including the director or accompanist
  • Cell phone numbers for director and chaperones
  • 4 copies of the auxiliary information sheets if you choose to use them ( not required).
  • Collect all cell phones before the block starts
  • Parents should not be on their cell phones in the performance areas
  • Students are allowed to use the restroom but must be escorted by a chaperone
  • At check out, make sure you have all your music, recordings, and rating sheets
  • You are required to stay for an entire block
  • Instructions for each site will be printed on a separate page
  • Schools that are scheduled over 2 blocks may leave after their last group performs
  • Schools with more than 2 choirs may opt out of the additional clinics
  • Please make sure you and your chaperones monitor your students. These are nice venues and we want to use them again next year.
  • State has grown again this year, a great problem. Please help all of us to maintain a high quality professional event.

Thank you for your patience. I look forward to hearing your choirs. Sing well!

Mark Scott, Executive Director

Register for Summer Convention 2016

Register_Now2Register now for the FVA Summer Convention!

Be advised that Head’s Choral Panorama (July 28 – 29, 2016) and FVA Summer Convention (July 29 – 30, 2016) are held consecutively at the same location, but they require separate registration forms.

2016 State Solo & Ensemble Instructions

Directors participating in State Solo & Ensemble MPA will find important instructions from Mark Scott below. Best of luck to you and your students!

Final instructions for State Solo & Ensemble 2016: