What’s New?

2017 FVA Awards Chorale Music

If you will be singing in the FVA Awards Chorale from an electronic device, please click the link below to download the complete music packet for use with the forScore app. Audience members may also download a special audience packet to use with your electronic device, and which only includes the songs that the audience members will join in singing.

FMEA Job Bank

Looking for a position as a Music Educator in Florida? Check out the Florida Music Education Association’s Job Bank, where you can customize your search for jobs posted from throughout the state! While this is certainly not an all-inclusive listing, and you should still check out individual school district job sites, many great positions are listed here every year! We look forward to welcoming you to the ranks for Florida Music Educators!

Welcome New Board Members!

Each year on July 1, some of our Executive Board members complete their terms of office and leave their positions. As an association, we thank them for their outstanding service, and we welcome the members who now assume those positions and begin a new term of office. Welcome to the following new Executive Board members, and many thanks to their predecessors!

District 1 Chair: Ryan Waters (replacing Caroline Buechner)
District 4 Chair: Keith Hall (replacing Jennifer Brown)
District 7 Chair: Joey Canessa (replacing Andrea Peacock)
District 11 Chair: Thomas Desmond (replacing David Verdoni)
District 12 Chair: Cathy Montero (replacing Bill Hatley)
District 13 Chair: Shane Thomas (replacing Eileen Walentin)
District 15 Chair: Sophia Beharrie (replacing Brandon Monse)
District 18 Chair: Tara Buonamici (replacing Trista Grossnicklaus)
All-State Chair: David Verdoni (replacing Jason Locker)
Awards Chair: Judy Arthur (replacing Mike Dye)
Clinics Chair: Jay Dunn (replacing Wes Rainer)

On the Executive Committee, we officially welcome Jason Locker (President-Elect) and Elizabeth Phillips (MS/JH Chair-Elect), who were elected at the FMEA Conference in January. Likewise, we bid a fond farewell to Rebecca Hammac (MS/JH Chair-Elect & Chair 2013-2017) and to Dr. Judy Arthur (President-Elect/President/Vice President 2011-2017).

Finally, the Florida Vocal Association thanks Carlton Kilpatrick for his outstanding service as President of the association over the past 2 years, and welcomes Tommy Jomisko as our new President and Jeannine Stemmer as our new MS/JH Chair!

For a complete list of the FVA Executive Board and Staff, as well as email links for each of them, please visit the Contact page!

All-State Practice Materials Updated

The resources available under the All-State menu have been updated to include last year’s All-State Musicianship and Sightreading Exam materials. The actual testing materials from previous years make excellent study guides for students!

NEW FOR 2017: The Middle School Sightreading Exam will have an additional 4-measure exercise in 6/8 meter. While the minimum passing score of 8 measures will NOT be increased, it is important to prepare your students for this new exercise, as it WILL be computed into the final composite scores for seating in the middle school All-State Choruses. The exercise parameters, as well as 6 practice exercises to use with your students, are posted on the Sightreading Page.

  • The rationale for adding this very simple 6/8 exercise to the middle school exam is to assist in bridging the knowledge gap that exists between the middle school and high school All-State exams for our 9th graders.

Summer Convention Flyer

The 2017 FVA Summer Convention flyer, including the convention schedule, has been posted!

We look forward to learning from members Brian NeSmith and Andrea Peacock, as well as from Dr. Melinda Doyle of the University of Montevallo (Alabama). In addition, we will honor our newest Hall of Fame members, recognize our 2017 Middle & High School Choirs of Distinction, and get ready for All-State 2018. We hope to see all members in Altamonte Springs on July 28 & 29!