All-State Practice Materials Updated

The resources available under the All-State menu have been updated to include last year’s All-State Musicianship and Sightreading Exam materials. The actual testing materials from previous years make excellent study guides for students!

NEW FOR 2017: The Middle School Sightreading Exam will have an additional 4-measure exercise in 6/8 meter. While the minimum passing score of 8 measures will NOT be increased, it is important to prepare your students for this new exercise, as it WILL be computed into the final composite scores for seating in the middle school All-State Choruses. The exercise parameters, as well as 6 practice exercises to use with your students, are posted on the Sightreading Page.

  • The rationale for adding this very simple 6/8 exercise to the middle school exam is to assist in bridging the knowledge gap that exists between the middle school and high school All-State exams for our 9th graders.