Hurricane Irma update

A message from the FVA President:

I know that many of us are still dealing with major effects of Hurricane Irma, but along with that we are starting to recover from Irma and beginning to return our focus to our jobs.

I have been receiving many emails regarding the All-State process. We are going to extend the online registration deadline by one week.  In addition, we are also extending the window for the Musicianship and Sight-reading portion of the audition process through September 30th. Your district chairman will have to make a decision for what is best for your district.

We as an association are trying our best to navigate through this. There will be circumstances where issues arise that we simply cannot foresee. With that being said, there may be a situation where a student may not be able to participate in this process this year. Due to hotel deadlines and other mitigating factors, we must forge forward through the process.

I love the Florida Vocal Association, our teachers, and the passion and focus we have on our students and their future. I am so proud be your President.

Your family, your homes, and your students are in my thoughts and prayers.

If you have any questions or concerns as we move forward in this All-State process, please feel free to email me at

Tommy Jomisko
FVA President