Welcome New Board Members!

Each year on July 1, some of our Executive Board members complete their terms of office and leave their positions. As an association, we thank them for their outstanding service, and we welcome the members who now assume those positions and begin a new term of office. Welcome to the following new Executive Board members, and many thanks to their predecessors!

District 2 Chair: Janet Edewaard (replacing Kristi Hinson)
District 3 Chair: Peter Pursino (replacing Corey Sullivan)
District 4 Chair: Jeffrey Clayton (replacing Keith Hall)
District 5 Chair: Solangi Santiago (replacing Suzanne McCormick)
District 6 Chair: Ashley Peters Lewis (replacing Amy Fulmer)
District 8 Chair: Wesley Roy (replacing Aaron Penfield)
District 9 Chair: Rosemary Collins (replacing David Lawhead)
District 10 Chair: Jennifer Rock (replacing Emily Mondello)
District 14 Chair: Ashley Leland (replacing Richard Andreacchio)
District 16 Chair: Elizabeth Cid Calabrese (replacing Alicia Romero-Sardiñas)
Music Chair: David Pletincks (replacing Kevin Albright)
Technology Chair: Brandon Monse (replacing Jussi Doherty)

For a complete list of the FVA Executive Board and Staff, as well as email links for each of them, please visit the Contact page!