Florida Vocal Association

Governing Documents

Governing Documents

The following documents are designed to provide you with information concerning the rules and procedures that help FVA operate in an efficient and fair manner. Please refer to them frequently as you prepare for FVA events. Each year, the rules and procedures are revised. It is important to stay up-to-date.

Your District Chair (in addition to experienced choral directors in your area) is also available to help you as you prepare for FVA events.

Please do not link directly to these documents as they may be updated at any time, and the URLs may change. If you are sharing these documents with others, link directly to the Governing Documents page.

Association Documents

Event Omnibuses

FVA All-State Chorus and Music Performance Assessment (MPA) events are regulated by the information in their corresponding Omnibus, which is published each school year. FVA Member directors should verify that they are using the most recent version of each Omnibus. Information in the current Omnibus supersedes the FVA Handbook and any earlier documents. MPAs are also governed by FSMA rules which are linked below.

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