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Adjudication, defined in its most basic terms, is teaching, and is intended for directors as well as students. Through training workshops, choral and vocal music teachers will become better equipped to evaluate the work of colleagues and students, and to share ideas and motivate others within a positive assessment experience.

Adjudicator Training Workshops are designed to ensure that the participants have a practical knowledge of the adjudication process, and to maintain the intent, value, and purpose of FVA Music Performance Assessments. It is also targeted at teachers who desire a better understanding of the elements of choral music education, and the methodology and techniques that can enhance their teaching skills.

Adjudication is an opportunity to evaluate, teach, and motivate. Just as there are effective teachers and less effective teachers, the same can be said of adjudicators. It is the objective of these workshops to provide the FVA membership with master teachers and adjudicators who will motivate and guide directors and their students to improved, positive musical effectiveness.

MPA: Adjudication Sheets

These forms are here for educational purposes only. Directors do not need to print these for any event. Barbershop groups will be adjudicated using the Special Category Ensemble sheet. See the MPA Omnibus for the current edition of each form.

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