All-State 2023

FVA’s All-State Choruses are a part of the annual Florida Music Education Association Professional Development Conference.

2017 All-State High School Reading Chorus
2017 All-State High School Reading Chorus

The All-State Choruses are highly select groups of choral students from Florida’s middle/junior high and senior high schools who are brought together for the purposes of rehearsing and performing selected music with guest conductors.

The next FMEA Professional Development Conference and All-State dates are January 11–14, 2023, in Tampa. For more information, including future conference dates, see


Registration Process

Directors should be aware that there are two different registration processes:

Directors should be aware that there are two different registration processes:

  1. Audition registration: Directors who wish to enter students in the All-State chorus auditions must first register students online at
    • Your FMEA & FVA membership must be current in order to register students for All-State auditions. If necessary, you can visit to renew your membership.
    • When you begin the All-State audition registration process at MPAOnline, you’ll need to verify your current membership, by linking your MPAOnline account to your FMEA member account. The MPAOnline website will guide you through this process.
  2. Conference registration: Directors with students that earn a place (“seat” or “ticket”) in an All-State chorus must then register both themselves and their students for the FMEA Professional Development Conference in Tampa, where the All-State Choruses rehearse and perform. You can do this online at using your FMEA member credentials.
Vocal Quality Audition – Announced Excerpts & Vocalises Audio

Please refer to pages 24-28 in the All-State Omnibus for the Vocal Quality Audition overview and procedures.

Below are the Announced Excerpts for each Chorus. On the day of the Vocal Quality Audition, two additional pieces for each chorus will be announced and recorded.

For each voice part, there is a Predominant track and a Muted track. The Predominant track highlights the indicated voice part more prominently than the other parts; this is useful for rehearsal. The Muted track plays the balanced voices minus the tested voice part. The Muted track will be used during the actual Vocal Quality Audition.

HS Concert Chorus
Don’t Be Afraid
music begins m. 64, audition starts m. 67, audition stops m. 75

HS SSAA Chorus
Sicut Cervus
music begins m. 8, audition starts m. 11, audition stops m. 16

HS TTBB Chorus
Dance for Love
music begins m. 10, audition starts at the pick-up to m. 13, audition stops m. 20

MS Mixed Chorus
music begins m. 14, audition starts at m. 16, audition stops m. 27 beat 3

MS Treble Chorus
Exaudi Laudate
music begins m. 42, audition starts at m. 43, audition stops at m. 50

Part Tracks

Part tracks for the Florida All-State Choruses are created and distributed by Choral Tracks.
Repertoire & ConductorsRehearsal Notes


The All-State Choruses are part of the annual FMEA Professional Development Conference. To find the conference schedule, visit the FMEA conference page.

Study Materials for Student Auditions

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