2015 All State Conductors & Repertoire

Note: ALL music is on vocal audition unless marked

High School Concert Choir 2015

Conductor: Dr. Edith Copley, University of N. Arizona


  1. The Music of Living – Dan Forrest
  2. O Vos Omnes – Tomas Luis de Victoria ed. John Leavitt
  3. Sigalagaia Luo – Spiritual arr. S.A. Otieno
  4. Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, Op. 45, No. 4 – Johannes Brahms
  5. Musical Risotto – Jonathan Willcocks
  6. Ballade to the Moon (Three Nocturnes) – Daniel Elder
  7. Cornerstone – Shawn Kirschner
  8. From Sea to Shining Sea – Samuel Ward, arr. Maurice Whitney (Combined Piece)

High School Reading Choir 2015

Conductor: Dr. Tim Peter, Stetson University

Repertoire: TBA

High School Women’s Choir 2015

Conductor: Connie Drosakis


  1. Come, All Musicians, Come – Hans Leo Hassler/ed J. W. Harris
  2. Magnificat – Z. Randall Stroope
  3. Song of Ruth – David N. Childs
  4. Ad Amore – Lee R. Kesselman
  5. Sing Me to Heaven – Daniel Gawthrop
  6. “Sanctus/Benedictus” from Mass No. 6 – Gyorgy Orban
  7. La Paloma – Venezuelan folk, arr. Cristian Grases
  8. Homeland – Z. Randall Stroope (Combined Piece)

High School Men’s Choir 2015

Conductor: Dr. Jeff Johnson, U of Kentucky


  1. Behold Man – Ron Nelson
  2. Gott ist mein Hort – Johann Friedrich Peter, arr. Nola Reed Knouse
  3. Creator Alme Siderum – Gregorian Chant, music by Richard Burchard
  4. Libertatum – Jim Papoulis
  5. Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder – Chain Gang Song, arr. Robert DeCormier
  6. Wedding Qawwali – A.R. Rahman, arr. Ethan Sperry
  7. Clarion Call – Julian Bryson (Combined Piece)***

***The Men’s piece, Clarion Call, will NOT be published in time for purchase, so it will not be included in the audition. At a later date, it will be available to download.

Middle School Concert Choir 2015

Conductor: Dr. Jeffery Ames
Coordinator: Rebecca Hammac


  1. Tshotsholoza – Jeff Ames
  2. O Praise the Mighty Lord – Handel/Liebergen
  3. Hine Ma Tov – Ginsberg
  4. Afro-Celtic Diddle – Coolen
  5. Travelin’ Home – Ramsey
  6. Tell My Father from Civil War – Murphy/Wildhorn arr. Ramsey
  7. Until I Found the Lord – Andre Thomas

Middle School Treble Choir 2015

Conductor: Dr. Andrea Ramsey
Coordinator: David Pletincks


  1. This Indeed is Music – Ramsey
  2. Still Wie Die Nacht – Bohm/Porterfield
  3. Soran Bushi – arr. Stuart
  4. The Child with the Starry Crayon – Daley
  5. Deep River – Patriquin
  6. High Flight – Robinson