The All-State Vocal Quality audition will be recorded digitally in mp3 format. This page is a resource for directors working with this technology and will be updated regularly with tutorials and instructions.


Audacity is a FREE program for recording and editing sound files. It is also necessary to download the LAME .mp3 encoder, which automatically syncs with Audacity to save files in the required mp3 format.


GarageBand is an application available for Apple/MAC products. More information on GarageBand and how to use it coming soon!

Other Approved mp3 Recorders

Other mp3 recorders may also be used, but are not recommended due to the time it would add to the audition process to check each recording and label it correctly for uploading. Information about these devices can be found in the FVA All-State Revision Handout.


External microphones may be used. The recommended brand is Blue Microphones.