Part Tracks

Part tracks (and CDs) for the Florida All State Choirs are created and distributed through Choral Tracks. Tracks for the 2017-2018 audition cycle are available now through

What they do:

Choral Tracks offers professionally sung rehearsal tracks for choral singers of all levels, promoting independent, accurate and expressive singing.

Who they are:

Founder Matthew Curtis, tenor, recently performed with the Grammy award-winning group Chanticleer, where he held the position of Assistant Music Director. He also sang with the internationally acclaimed Rose Ensemble in 2009 and the Santa Fe Desert Chorale for one summer in 2009. Matthew began singing choral music at age 7 with the La Crosse Boychoir, and sang with the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman Gallery Singers for nine years beginning in 1999. Matthew has recorded the entirety of the Choral Tracks library.

Gabriel Lewis-O’Connor recently received a master’s degree in choral conducting from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and sang bass with Chanticleer for four years priors to his graduate study. Gabriel is now the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Choral Tracks, and is a frequent choral and solo voice clinician at the high school and collegiate levels around the nation.

What they offer:

Five permutations of each piece are available in the Choral Tracks library.

  1. Balanced Voices: Hear the piece in its performance-ready state, with all voices in balanced volume.
  2. Part Predominant:  Hear one part predominantly, while the other parts in the background provide light harmonic structure and context.
  3. Part Muted:  One part is muted, with all other parts heard at equal performance volume. Singers can fit their vocal line in to the context of the choir, encouraging independent and accurate singing.
  4. Accompaniment Only:  An isolated accompaniment track is provided, allowing individual singers or the whole choir to practice their parts with the written accompaniment.

Choral Tracks provides practice tracks to choirs of all levels for independent study. Superior to MIDI or piano rehearsal tracks, Choral Tracks practice tracks are sung with impeccable diction, musicality and expressivity, and will facilitate advanced music-making on both an individual and group level.

Other Services offered

Monthly memberships for individuals and choirs are available, offering access to Choral Tracks’ extensive library of recorded material.  For pieces not offered in the library custom recordings are available, fitting a choir’s specific repertoire or for newly composed pieces.   Pricing is flexible and affordable, and all rehearsal tracks are available for electronic download or on CD.