Rehearsal Notes

Rehearsal notes from the Florida All State conductors will be posted here when they become available.


  • MS Mixed
  • MS Treble
  • HS rehearsal notes will be posted here if they become available later (TBA)


  • Please refer to pages 5 & 6 of the All-State Omnibus for instructions regarding part splits.


  • Middle School Mixed Choir
  • Middle School Treble Choir
    • Rehearsal notes from the director
    • Pronunciation guide for “Ergen Deda”: Treble 1, Treble 2, Treble 3
    • Pronunciation guide for “El Grillo”: All voices
    • Sheet music for “El Grillo” arr. Angela Broeker
      • This PDF file has been made available by Dr. Broeker only for the use of the 2016 Florida All State Treble Choir. Directors do not have permission to use this this with their own choirs or in any other context.



  • Middle School part splits
  • High School splits:
    • IF a part splits (for example, sop 2 splits into two parts) Districts 1-8 take top, and District 9-16 take bottom.
    • In the All State Concert Choir’s “Ring Out Wild Bells”, we will follow the same concept for choir 1 and 2.
      • Choir 1=sop1, alto1, tenor1, bass1
      • Choir 2= sop2, alto2, tenor2. Bass2



Rehearsal notes will be posted here when received from the clinician.