Sight Reading

Audio introduction for SR Audition

New for 2017-2018 Middle School Auditions

  • 6/8 Practice Exercises which meet the criteria of the new 4-measure exercises in 6/8 meter for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 audition cycles.
  • 6/8 Exercise Criteria for the NEW middle school sight-reading exercise in 6/8 meter. The exercise will be 4 measures in length for 2 years, and will then increase to 8 measures in length permanently.
    • Note: The overall minimum passing score of 8 measures has NOT been increased with the addition of this new exercise!

Past Examples

Practice SR Exercise

  • Practice SR exercise: A practice exercise will be used in the audition room each year.
    • Remember: the practice exercise is not scored.


The sight-reading audition procedures can be found in the All-State Omnibus.

Study packets

Sight-reading criteria