Vocal Audition

The All-State Vocal Quality audition consists of three parts:

  1. Vocalises – The prescribed vocalises can be found in the All-State Omnibus. Students should practice the vocalises with the tracks provided!
  2. Announced Excerpts- These excerpts are to be rehearsed for the audition with the provided accompaniment tracks.
  3. Unannounced excerpts- Two additional pieces will be chosen from the repertoire packet. Selected measures will be announced at the Vocal Quality audition.

2017-2018 Announced Excerpts

  • HS Concert Chorus: Cantate Domino, m. 109 to the end.
  • HS Women’s Chorus: Moon Goddess, Begin with Piano and Voice at m. 50, Testing begins at m. 54, Stop at the end of m. 75.
  • HS Men’s Chorus: Invocation and Dance, Mvt. 2, Piano begins at m. 108, Testing begins pickup to to m. 112, Stop after the chord on “Death” in m. 135.
  • MS Mixed Chorus
    • Soprano/Alto: Lift Your Voice, Piano begins at m. 27, Testing begins pickup to m. 31, Stop at end of m. 56.
      • Districts 1-8: Soprano 1 & Alto 1 / Districts 9-18: Soprano 2 & Alto 2
    • Tenor/Bass: Courage Lives, Piano/Testing begins at m. 9, Stop at end of m. 25.
      • Districts 1-8: Tenor 1 & Bass 1 / Districts 9-18: Tenor 2 & Bass 2
  • MS Treble Chorus: Music Down in My Soul, m. 16 to m. 46 (beat 3). Second Time (no repeat, use second verse words); take second ending.

Students may practice the Announced Excerpts using the “Music Minus One” Tracks posted below!