2021 Concert MPA

FVA is building the 2021 Choral Music Performance Assessment experience for high schools and middle schools. Our goal is to open registration within the next few days. The deadline for registration for MPA is Friday, March 12.

Event details
  • There will be no ratings given. Only comments will be offered for each performing choral ensemble.
  • The director may submit from one to three songs for each choir; this decision is entirely up to you. What is important is the feedback you will get from your judges.
    • You are encouraged to choose selections that would typically be sung at a district or state level MPA event, songs best suited for demonstrating good choral singing techniques.
    • FVA literature list requirements are waived.
    • Rules restricting use of current all-state or previously performed music are also waived even as directors are encouraged to follow FVA “best” practices when selecting their literature for adjudication.
  • Individual songs, using pre-recorded Disney Candlelight Processional-like audition recording techniques, is an example of the kind of submission directors can emulate. However, using laptops or smart phones to record sound and video are also acceptable.
    • Each chorus from a participating school will submit individual video files, inside an individual entry window for that choir.
    • Directors will follow the guidelines under Performance Videos at: https://floridaschoolmusic.org/mpa-info/

Cost for participation is $60.00 per chorus.

Schools will be able to pay by the traditional method of payment, a school check, or by school credit card, or a brand-new method of payment that many directors have indicated they are excited to have available to them.


Adjudicator panels will be made up of veteran middle school or high school vocal music educators who will judge in their area of experience and expertise with the compassion and constructive encouragement that these times call for.

The event is geared to be a positive experience that will give your choral ensembles an FSMA-sanctioned performance experience.

The deadline for high schools to submit their recordings online is Friday, April 16.

The deadline for middle schools to submit their recordings online is Friday, April 23.