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Executive Committee

District Chairs

If you are an FVA member with a question, begin by contacting your District Chair at (change # to your district number.) See About FVA for the district directory.

District 1, Jennifer Denham
District 3, Jordan Evans
District 4, Theresa Moreau
District 5, Shane Bass
District 6, Christopher Hickey
District 7, Brian NeSmith
District 8, Zach Pecore
District 9, Matthew Clear
District 10, Michel Avey
District 11, Whitney Verdoni
District 12, Branigan Lawrence
District 13, Gina Lavere
District 14, Bonnie Butterfield
District 15, Dr. Anthony Zoeller
District 16, Ella Carr
District 18, Trevor Tran
District 19, Tammie Combs

Standing Committee Chairs

Adjudication, Dale Choate
All-State, David Verdoni
Awards, Solangi Santiago
Clinics, Jay Dunn
Finance, Jason Locker
Legacy, Connie Drosakis
MPA, Deborah Mar
Music, Dr. Alicia Romero-Sardiñas
Past Presidents’ Advisory Council, Brad Franks
Rules & Ethics, David Pletincks
Technology, Brandon Monse

FVA Office

Michael Dye, Executive Director

231 South Bayshore Drive
Valparaiso, FL 32580
(850) 217-7419

Jo Hagan, CPA, Business Manager
Barefoot Accounting PA
8975 San Rae Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257
(904) 379-2245
Fax: (904) 379-2260

J Mark Scott, Executive Director emeritus

Executive Board Consultant
7122 Tarpon Court
Fleming Island, FL 32003
(904) 284-1551
Fax: (904) 284-1552