FVA Awards


Nomination forms for teacher awards must be submitted by the deadline of May 21, 2021.

Description of Awards

Hall of Fame

The FVA Hall of Fame recognizes current and former classroom teachers who have exemplified the following:

  • Excellence in the teaching of music and is renowned in the area of vocal and choral music education
  • Noteworthy contributions through dedication and service to vocal music education, with special emphasis on outstanding service to FVA


  1. Must be a current member of FMEA and FVA. (Retired or Active- unless nomination is posthumous)
  2. Served as a choral director in Florida
  3. Active with FVA for a minimum of 20 years
  4. May be an active or retired classroom teacher

Who can nominate

  1. Any FVA member
  2. Self nomination
  3. The nomination/award committee
Roll of Distinction

The FVA Roll of Distinction award recognizes teachers no longer active in the classroom who have

  • Demonstrated excellence in the teaching of music and are renowned in the area of vocal and choral music education
  • Demonstrated noteworthy contributions through dedication and service to Florida’s vocal music education, students and their community

Who can nominate

  1. Any FVA member
  2. Self nomination
  3. The nomination/award committee
John Rose Mentorship Award

Recognizes teachers who have continuously served as mentors in an effort to ensure that the profession continues to thrive with qualified and passionate teachers. These teachers should be nominated by their mentees and/or colleagues. 


  • mentor to a range of individuals currently in the field. (3-5)
  • nominated by their mentees
  • have a continued relationship with their mentees beyond e.g. the internship
  • a current or retired FVA member
  • teaching minimum 5 years
  • effective/highly effective for 4/5 ratio of teaching career, or, superior MPA ratings 3 of the last 5 years (current)
Lindsay Keller Rising Star Award

The Lindsay Keller Rising Star Award, four or five year teachers who have maintained/or grown a program within the first five years of their teaching. Each FVA district will nominate one individual, and the final recipient will be recognized during our awards ceremony in July. Additionally, the recipient will have their MPA Registration fee waived for ONE CHOIR in the Spring of 2022.

Candidates should have:

  • Participation in MPA 4/5 years (the number of years teaching minus 1)
  • Showing maintenance or growth and quality in the program as evidenced in the letter of recommendation
  • Participation in All State process
  • Nominated by districts, with a letter of recommendation 


  1. Nomination form (below) must be sent to the Awards Chair by May 21, 2021.
  2. Recipients of the award will be notified by June 1.
  3. An Awards ceremony and reception will take place on the Friday of the Summer Conference.

Nomination forms

Past FVA Honorees

Hall of Fame

  • 2010: Harold Bradley, Elaine McNamara, Phyllis Merritt, J. Richard Warren
  • 2011: Peggy Barber, Jim Forssell, Raymond Kickliter, Andrew Wright
  • 2012: Earl F. Little, A. Byron Smith
  • 2013: Beth Meadows, Ree Nathan, John Yost
  • 2014: James W. Hughes, Woodrow W. Nail Jr.
  • 2015: Jackie Hails, Barbara Kingman, E. Tyrrell “Terry” Owen
  • 2016: Judy Arthur, Karen Bradley, Michael DeShong, J. Mark Scott
  • 2017: Keitha Bledsoe, Dale Choate, Danny Compher, Beth Cummings, Deborah Mar
  • 2018: Jamie Bryan, Connie Drosakis, Michael Dye
  • 2019: Julia House, Mary Catherine Salo
  • 2021: James Urbanski

Roll of Distinction

  • 2010: Anne Folsom, Gretchen Marz, Sandra White
  • 2011: Edna Hargrett-Thrower
  • 2012: R. Wayne Bailey, Jim Copeland, Barbara J. Smith
  • 2013: Betty Mullett, John Rose
  • 2014: Ronald C. Corbin
  • 2019: Greg Carswell
  • 2021: June Capezza, Charles Cheeseman

John Rose Mentorship Award

  • 2021: John Weatherspoon

Lindsay Keller Rising Star Award

  • 2021: Karista Lee MacRostie, Alexis Pletincks

Service Award

  • 2021: Wesley “Wes” Rainer