MPA Documents

Medals (for directors only)

The district medals/plaques order form is included below. All orders are due April 15th, 2016. Contact Mark Scott ( with any questions or concerns.

Example Adjudication Sheets

These forms are here for educational purposes only. The judges will be provided these with your information already entered.

Most adjudication sheets have been revised for use by all districts. Barbershop groups will now be adjudicated using the Special Category Ensemble sheet.

Forms to bring

Directors must report to the on-site FVA office at least 30 minutes before their first entry is due in warm-up (choirs) or to perform (solo & ensemble). At that time, directors must turn in the required paperwork. For district solo & ensemble MPA, you only need a typed alphabetical roster of students. At district choral MPA (concert), you will need all of the following files.

Announcer sheet (1 copy per choir)
Auxiliary information sheet (Bring 4 copies per choir)
Alphabetical roster of students (1 copy per choir)