State MPA 2022

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High school entries that receive an overall Superior rating at their District MPA qualify to enter State MPA.

At State MPA, students are evaluated by a highly select panel of adjudicators at a state-level adjudication.


Before each State event, a bulletin will be posted with instructions specifically for that regional event.

State MPA General Information

MPAs are regulated by the information in the annual MPA Omnibus, found under the FVA Governing Documents. Directors are responsible for knowing and interpreting regulations to their students. The 2020–21 MPA Omnibus (not available yet) contains detailed information about all FVA MPA events.

Application/Registration Process

Applications are due TEN DAYS after your last district event using the online registration system found at MPA Online. Payment is NOT due at the same time. Our executive director, Mark Scott, can be flexible on the timing of your payment as long as you communicate with him. Reach Mark at

Schedules will be posted approximately two weeks prior to each State MPA.

2022 State MPA Schedule — All Venues TBD

State Solo & Ensemble MPA

  • North: March 18–19, 2022
  • Central: March 24–26, 2022
  • South: April 1–2, 2022

State Choral MPA

  • North: April 18–19, 2022
  • South: April 20–22, 2022
  • Central: April 25–29, 2022

See MPA Omnibus

Upon Arrival

Directors must report to the on-site FVA office at least 30 minutes before their first entry is due to warm up (choirs), or to perform (solos & ensembles). Directors must submit any outstanding forms in the office.


FSMA provides State and District Choral MPA results at

Choirs of Distinction

High School Choirs of Distinction are those that earned straight superiors at State MPA. Beyond this, at least two of the three adjudicators must select the chorus for performance honors.

See the complete MPA Omnibus for comprehensive information about this year’s MPAs.